Social commerce sales are forecast to represent 5% of all online retail revenue in 2015. Doesn't sound like much? That five percent equates to $15 billion. Not too shabby.


Deloitte Digital Study: Digitally-influenced sales in retail brick-and-mortar stores to reach: $2.2 trillion by year-end.


What is is a platform built to solve the multiple problems Brands and Consumers face along the social and digital path to purchase. WiBi’s shoppable content solution provides Brands with direct sales, new customers and actionable data. WiBi makes it is easy for consumers to buy where they want, when they want and how they want! 

WiBi data gives Brands the ability to analyze the user journey, shopping behavior and conversions.

WiBi gives brands the ability to improve relationships with their audience, drive greater loyalty and increase sales.



Maximize Online Sales

WiBi makes it easy for consumers to shop at their preferred eRetailers resulting in increased sales and Brand loyalty. 


Increase Brick & Mortar Traffic

With our ‘Find Local’ geolocation technology, consumers can make an immediate purchase in-store, at their preferred Retailer.


Channel and Retailer Agnostic

WiBi’s technology makes it easy for Brands to convert their social and digital content to shoppable content. Consumers can shop from the Retailer of their choice – all with one click!


Strengthen Consumer Relationships

Understanding shopping behavior and consumer preferences improves communication and leads to Brand loyalty.


Measurable Data 

A comprehensive analysis to help Brands understand the path to purchase by user and by channel. Organic demographic data, shopping behavior and conversion rates are tracked to optimize growth.

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